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2017 Wedding Dress With Deep V-Neck A Inmaculada Garcia

The Hanami collection of wedding dresses 2017 by Inmaculada Garcia, of My Couture line, expresses all the elegance of the eastern world with the presence of oriental fantasies destined to decorate belts, although it is mainly dominated white dresses in rich fabrics paths floral patterns, geometric patterns and Scottish ton sur ton.

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Wedding dresses: be inspired to star

To help you find the perfect wedding dress, we decided to take a cue from Hollywood stars.

Red carpet after red carpet, the most popular celebrities wear beautiful clothes and often candid and fabulous if imagined in a different framework from that of the Oscars or a world first. Creations that really would make a great impression at the altar.

So discover “the advice” Emma Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Karlie Kloss and not only be inspired to them to choose the dress of your dreams.

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Collection 2017 Costarellos wedding dresses

La maison Costarellos presents the 2017 collection of wedding dresses, a proposal inspired by the canons of haute couture and the whole dominated by tattoo style in clothes made entirely of lace, but not all. The brand shows its predilection for bold creations and sophisticated at the same time, dresses with full skirts in tulle and organza and more adherents slipped shapes embellished with precious details.


In the field of wedding gowns in lace, the tattoo models are increasingly popular in recent years, the heart of all the collections of the great fashion houses specializing in bridal industry. Costarellos include in its proposal for 2017 different models of this type, as you can see by browsing the images of our photo gallery.
The slipped from wedding dresses are provided with long sleeves or midi entirely embroidered bodices and mesh effect peek-a-boo that continue in equally intriguing skirts, often with ruffles and pleats at the bottom. The wedding dresses mermaid of this type have in tulle pleated lines that start high around his knees and lace embroidery that also along the train continue.


The wedding dresses with full skirts are a classic that never goes out of fashion, so here they also make their way into the collection in 2017 Costarellos. The brand wanted creations tattoo style with embroidered bustier with more or less accentuated necklines and sleeves in lace long or midi, but also versions with pleated skirt in tulle and organza covered by a heart bodice points of light.
Very chic clothes inspiration 70s with humeral neck, frills and flounces on the sleeves, the most extravagant models in the style often embellished with petals of fabric on the sleeves and length.


Rounding out the collection are then Costarellos different models of dresses short Wedding. The fashion house has designed minidress with skirt base made wheel in tulle and embroidered lace along the entire surface, creations from the rectilinear corsage or strapless alternating versions entirely covered tattoo style floral embroidery that run along the long sleeves with skirt less swollen and more adherent.
Take a look at the pictures of Costarellos 2017 collection, what is the more fashion wedding dress do you think?

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The new collection Delphine Manivet, spring-summer 2017

The French designer creates a new collection of romantic and bohemian wedding dresses that has everything to please.

As usual, Delphine Manivet is seduced by her collection of spring-summer 2017 wedding dresses. Presented last April at the Bridal Fashion Week in New York, her models are directly inspired by two Parisian women who lived at 28 rue Boissly d ‘ Anglas, seat of the house: Madeleine Lambert, musician and wife of composer Lully and Laure Junot d’Abrantès, writer and lover of Balzac and Théophile Gauthier.

In a decor of the most sober, the dresses imagined by Delphine Manivet revisit the codes of the house. No frills or meringue dress, the designer put on clean cuts to which she adds a touch of modernity (a naked back worked, a plunging neckline …). We love the thin straps of the Eusebe dress, the bare back of the Gautier dress and the vintage romance of the Harlon dress. Finally, we applaud the discreet play of lace of the dress Edmond and its collar style Renaissance.

For a religious or civil ceremony, impossible therefore not to find its happiness, so the dresses of bride Delphine Manivet adapt to the different desires of each one. To be found soon in shops and on the e-shop of the brand?

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Hairstyles and accessories wedding: Trends 2017

Do not count only the clothes and wedding dresses for the wedding but also the hairstyle to use to be beautiful and show off a princess look the most beautiful day of their lives. simple and delicate looks, hairstyles or elaborate and fascinating? Many have the advice of a stylist to look beautiful and show off hair to be envied. A hairstyle very fashionable for next spring for those with medium length hair is the torchon that twists and twisted lengths of ste same as in elaborate knots and stopped with clips and hairpins for example decorated with rhinestones, beads or fresh flowers.

Instead of torchon you might use a very simple look suitable for soap and water beauties with smooth folds or slightly moving tips and a wreath of flowers on her neck. Another very popular style in the walkways is the use of earrings and jewelry depriving themselves of the traditional veil of tulle or lace, in its place, light creations but also bulky to wear to the lobes. Finally, another trend has been the minimal chic, which is the short cut, just below the ear, as in jaunty fashion wear with dark tints and shades clear, gentle waves and maybe bangs to frame the face of the bride as a masterpiece precious beauty. The main rule is to be itself also in the same look without snaturalizzare your being and your essence in a different style from yours.

trendy accessories to match your wedding dress

Plan the wedding, the guests, make restaurant reservations and secure the menu as well as wedding favors is a big job, but even more so is to find the right wedding dress for your wedding, accessories, makeup and hairstyle more appropriate. If you have already chosen your wedding dress can certainly not neglecting the fashion accessories to wear to show off a unique and original look! The bouquet is in fact not only to wear but also on the wrist like a bracelet to show off after the ceremony, abandoned the original bouquet. Another very trendy item to wear on the neck is the crown or tiara to wear as jewelry to make the most stylish hairstyle.(But you know where you can buy those fabrics first-class, affordable wedding dress?)

Another idea chic to wear because of fundamental importance is the bridal veil. Currently the most chosen and purchased by brides from around the world are the classic models with drapes or models with satin details around contours and points of light, the length? All! From the longer ones with short or medium length. The fantasy is variable, from a simple veil with no insertion to real lace on tulle printed as hand-painted designs up to rhinestones and beads along the edges of the veil to enhance the beauty. Finally, an inevitable accessory for tradition is certainly Something blue, new and used like a little small springs hidden in her hair, an intimate new outfit or family heirlooms to wear.

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Dresses lace wedding: all the trends for 2017

A concentrate of delicacy and romance combined with an unmistakable elegance. The lace wedding dress is all this and is, in every season, one of the most popular choices by future brides.

To tell you the best what are the trends of 2017 in terms of lace, we have chosen to tell you about the time of the models.

From sensual mermaid silhouette through necklines on the back and long sleeves for cooler seasons, discover all the creations that you do not let escape. Especially if you love the material incatevole which is the lace …

Let’s start with one of the most popular and certainly the most admired. The mermaid dress, which emphasizes the silhouette and curves, reaches the height of its seductive power if made of lace.

Wedding dresses in lace mermaid

Discover the neckline does not go out of fashion: better to focus on a backless dress or showing her back. With a deep V design or “porthole” style, with strict borders in delicate floral lace.

Wedding dresses in lace backless

For winter or spring and autumn, long sleeve is a practical detail, but also very stylish. Regal would say, thinking of the choice made by Catherine Middleton for her wedding to Prince William: a princely dress with long sleeves in white lace.

Wedding dresses in lace long-sleeved

Not only lace: there are designers who like to mix it with other materials, all of the tulle and chiffon.

Wedding dresses in lace and tulle

The finest lace that you could want is definitely the French chantilly. It has a long history if you think that already in 1700 was a well-loved material. What makes it unique is the transparency, soft and light hand and the reasons in floral wreath.

Wedding dresses in French lace

We do not talk about antiques real but current creations that are inspired by the styles of the past. Pizzo who buys a shade ivory, silhouette and embroidery reminiscent of the early decades of the twentieth century.

Wedding dresses vintage lace

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Wedding dresses 2017 Max Mara: the new collection

Max Mara presents the collection of wedding dresses 2017, a fine line in ultra-feminine style for which the luxury fashion house is famous worldwide. The collection of wedding dresses includes models with a wide skirt or slip, as well as clothes and original short Wedding bridal look with pants as protagonists heads of trend of the moment: the jumpsuit. We take a look at the 2017 Max Mara collection in detail.
The wedding dresses to Max Mara trapeze

From the A-Line dresses are a classic that never goes out of style, perfect models to enhance any type of female silhouette. From the A-Line dresses online Max Mara rewards lace and silk creations, especially in strapless shapes without suspenders over the shoulders. As you can see by browsing the images from our photo gallery, we are talking about milk white wedding dresses with pleated skirts, bustier complemented by straight or shaped articles from minimal chic mood embellished with embroidery in floral lace. more airy forms for princess dresses embellished with bows along the belt.
The wedding dresses slipped from the new collection

Very rich line of dresses from bridal slipped Max Mara, in a column shape, style empire or mermaid.
The from column wedding dresses are strapless bodices and skirts that fall straight on soft sides. The lace wedding dresses are always the first choice of women for the day of their wedding, for this also Max Mara rewards creations with floral lace embroidery on the bodice, as well as original variants replacing the lace ruffles applications along risers and sleeves. Unforgettable wedding dresses empire style in the new collection, the sophisticated shapes draped surface, even shoulder.
Trend news for the bride of 2017

Max Mara inserts among his new arrivals short Wedding dresses and jumpsuits with a contemporary style. The short Wedding dresses have flared skirt and embroidered models from casual style which is echoed by the shorter asymmetrical wedding dresses and long before behind, successful trend of 2017. There is also space to bridal look with pants as protagonists the jumpsuit, silk suits with lower palazzo pants, also shoulder. Find images of the Max Mara wedding dresses in our photo gallery, which is the most beautiful model in 2017 in your opinion?
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Secret Story: Leila Ben Khalifa, sublime in evening gown

Leila Ben Khalifa made a sensation in the evening dress for the presentation of the third episode of the show “Fashion Star”.

When it is not on the daily programs of Secret Story, Leila Ben Khalifa continues the projects to the four corners of the world. The winner of season 8 presents the Arabic version of the famous American show “Fashion Star”. The show is broadcast weekly on the Dubai One TV channel.

On Instagram, the beauty posted pictures of the outfit she wore during the presentation of the third episode. Her dress was designed by the designer Reem Acra, a short dress with sequins and lace and an original detail: straps that cross each other on the torso. The outfit made the most beautiful effect on Leila Ben Khalifa’s fanbase. Indeed, the young woman’s fans have largely commented on the three photos posted on Instagram: “seductive”, “all in beauty”, “if we just had to keep a picture of you, it might be that “,” Sublime beauty, “as one reads.

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A cheap wedding … which does not look “cheap”!

The bill for a grandiose wedding can swell as fast as our dreams of Cinderella. However, it is possible to save on this “best day of our lives”, without this leaving a aftertaste of Dollarama.

To make a cheap wedding, you must accept the idea of a more friendly and informal day, according to Vanessa Noël, wedding planner at Hera Mariages. “You can get over $ 15,000 if you reduce the number of guests to fifty,” she says. A marriage of a hundred people will turn around around $ 20 to $ 25,000!
The organization
Low season: From May to October, the wedding season is in full swing. Choosing a date in low season and getting married on a Friday or Sunday will decrease the cost of renting the room.

Moving away from major centers: prices are generally more affordable outside Montreal and Quebec City. Why not an escapade in the region or in an orchard?
Food and alcohol
Food: To offer a buffet will satisfy the guests as well as a meal of three or four services, especially if you offer a dessert table!
Alcohol: The ideal is to be able to bring your own alcohol, which only requires a license of about forty dollars. “Offering one or two self-service cocktails with the image of the bride and groom is more personalized and economical,” says Vanessa Noël. Meanwhile, young professional Sara Maude Tsahakis opted for the bar open at her wedding, but only for wine and beer, in order to save on strong alcohol.
Do it yourself: With a little creativity and dexterity, we can easily take inspiration from sites like Etsy and Pinterest to make our own decorations, announcements and gifts to guests (eg, compotes, salted caramels, flavored oils ).
Flowers: “Choose seasonal flowers and decrease the amount per centerpiece. Otherwise it can cost $ 20 to $ 25 per stem, especially for large flowers like peonies, “says Vanessa Noël.
Borrow from his entourage: “A loved one may have a beautiful vintage car and would be very happy to drive you. You can borrow the cake spatula or the cushion for the wedding rings. It may be less important to have new and personalized for that, “illustrates Amélie Marcotte-Losier, of Weddings Amelie.
Clothing and accessories

Buy Used: Internet abounds with resale sites of dresses, accessories and wedding decorations, such as Tradesy and the Facebook page in Quebec Bazar Mariage. Buying the sample from a dress can represent a real bargain.
Resend: “Unless you have a great sentimental attachment to the dress, you must sell it right away, while it is still in the store. I resold mine for half the price paid, including retouching, “says Sara Maude Tsahakis.
The photograph
Warning ! In the opinion of wedding planners, paying a professional photographer is worth a lot. “With an amateur, we can be disappointed with the result, while the photos will stay over time,” says Amélie Marotte-Losier, who is approaching her 100th wedding this year.

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How to pick the right wedding

Wedding is the wedding ceremony and wedding bride wearing Western-style clothing, wedding from the West into China, is now new people get married or wedding photos when the necessary clothing. Western-style wedding are white, to show pure and flawless. While the Chinese wedding is no longer limited to white, colored wedding show the bride is different from the beautiful and happy.

Wedding dress in the style are: wedding A-shaped straight body wedding, tail wedding, Peng Peng skirt wedding dress, harness wedding dress  and so on.

Simple A straight body wedding is also a princess type, is a more classical wedding style. Vertical neat lines cut, in the waist and skirt shape up and down enough effort to create the most perfect body type ratio. Low-cut, halter, Baoshen and A-type skirt is of course the key to doing sexy bride. The rounded jade shoulder and sexy scapula exposed, so that the focus of the eyes locked to the chest of the embroidery and bright beads; and Bao Shen long skirt tightly wrapped around the bride’s waist and legs, but also the body of the bumps show very perfect.

Trailing wedding looks more formal, more sacred. Small tail wedding dress comfortable, pedestrian light suitable for a variety of body bride. In the tail wedding is the most suitable for the red carpet, but it is not suitable for the body is too thin bride. Long tail wedding is every woman from the girl began to the princess dream, it is more suitable for tall bride, short stature bride will have been submerged feeling.

Puff skirt wedding dress from the Western court aristocratic woman dress, characterized by fit upper body, tighten the waist and full of skirts. Waist line can be just in the waist, you can also slightly lower, or even placed close to the hip position. This style makes people feel the princess, so it is the most popular style, suitable for tall body tall bride.

Sling wedding dress, and now most of the bride’s choice of sling wedding dress is a shoulder strap, personality asymmetry cut highlights the bride fashion alternative personality, and asymmetric oblique shoulder design is the shoulder fat MM know the choice, and can let the viewer Ignore the obesity at the shoulder.

High waist line wedding breast fit, A-shaped skirt, with a high waist, to fully display the chest, shoulder lines, while the lower body has a very good self-cultivation effect. Petite and thin bride, you can choose high waist design, so that the legs of the line elongated.

Lu exposed wedding, halter is divided into small V-shaped halter (exposed to the middle of the spine, probably under the belt with the location) and large V-shaped halter (exposed throughout the back to the waist, or even coccyx). Small V for a variety of body bride, as long as your back is not a lot of meat, you can wear this style. Large V-shaped halter suitable for a beautiful shoulder blade, the waist is not fat, the shoulder is very flat bride. And perennial backpack bag leaving the shoulders of the girl is not suitable for this style.