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Collection 2017 Costarellos wedding dresses

La maison Costarellos presents the 2017 collection of wedding dresses, a proposal inspired by the canons of haute couture and the whole dominated by tattoo style in clothes made entirely of lace, but not all. The brand shows its predilection for bold creations and sophisticated at the same time, dresses with full skirts in tulle and organza and more adherents slipped shapes embellished with precious details.


In the field of wedding gowns in lace, the tattoo models are increasingly popular in recent years, the heart of all the collections of the great fashion houses specializing in bridal industry. Costarellos include in its proposal for 2017 different models of this type, as you can see by browsing the images of our photo gallery.
The slipped from wedding dresses are provided with long sleeves or midi entirely embroidered bodices and mesh effect peek-a-boo that continue in equally intriguing skirts, often with ruffles and pleats at the bottom. The wedding dresses mermaid of this type have in tulle pleated lines that start high around his knees and lace embroidery that also along the train continue.


The wedding dresses with full skirts are a classic that never goes out of fashion, so here they also make their way into the collection in 2017 Costarellos. The brand wanted creations tattoo style with embroidered bustier with more or less accentuated necklines and sleeves in lace long or midi, but also versions with pleated skirt in tulle and organza covered by a heart bodice points of light.
Very chic clothes inspiration 70s with humeral neck, frills and flounces on the sleeves, the most extravagant models in the style often embellished with petals of fabric on the sleeves and length.


Rounding out the collection are then Costarellos different models of dresses short Wedding. The fashion house has designed minidress with skirt base made wheel in tulle and embroidered lace along the entire surface, creations from the rectilinear corsage or strapless alternating versions entirely covered tattoo style floral embroidery that run along the long sleeves with skirt less swollen and more adherent.
Take a look at the pictures of Costarellos 2017 collection, what is the more fashion wedding dress do you think?

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