Wedding Tips

How to pick the right wedding

Wedding is the wedding ceremony and wedding bride wearing Western-style clothing, wedding from the West into China, is now new people get married or wedding photos when the necessary clothing. Western-style wedding are white, to show pure and flawless. While the Chinese wedding is no longer limited to white, colored wedding show the bride is different from the beautiful and happy.

Wedding dress in the style are: wedding A-shaped straight body wedding, tail wedding, Peng Peng skirt wedding dress, harness wedding dress  and so on.

Simple A straight body wedding is also a princess type, is a more classical wedding style. Vertical neat lines cut, in the waist and skirt shape up and down enough effort to create the most perfect body type ratio. Low-cut, halter, Baoshen and A-type skirt is of course the key to doing sexy bride. The rounded jade shoulder and sexy scapula exposed, so that the focus of the eyes locked to the chest of the embroidery and bright beads; and Bao Shen long skirt tightly wrapped around the bride’s waist and legs, but also the body of the bumps show very perfect.

Trailing wedding looks more formal, more sacred. Small tail wedding dress comfortable, pedestrian light suitable for a variety of body bride. In the tail wedding is the most suitable for the red carpet, but it is not suitable for the body is too thin bride. Long tail wedding is every woman from the girl began to the princess dream, it is more suitable for tall bride, short stature bride will have been submerged feeling.

Puff skirt wedding dress from the Western court aristocratic woman dress, characterized by fit upper body, tighten the waist and full of skirts. Waist line can be just in the waist, you can also slightly lower, or even placed close to the hip position. This style makes people feel the princess, so it is the most popular style, suitable for tall body tall bride.

Sling wedding dress, and now most of the bride’s choice of sling wedding dress is a shoulder strap, personality asymmetry cut highlights the bride fashion alternative personality, and asymmetric oblique shoulder design is the shoulder fat MM know the choice, and can let the viewer Ignore the obesity at the shoulder.

High waist line wedding breast fit, A-shaped skirt, with a high waist, to fully display the chest, shoulder lines, while the lower body has a very good self-cultivation effect. Petite and thin bride, you can choose high waist design, so that the legs of the line elongated.

Lu exposed wedding, halter is divided into small V-shaped halter (exposed to the middle of the spine, probably under the belt with the location) and large V-shaped halter (exposed throughout the back to the waist, or even coccyx). Small V for a variety of body bride, as long as your back is not a lot of meat, you can wear this style. Large V-shaped halter suitable for a beautiful shoulder blade, the waist is not fat, the shoulder is very flat bride. And perennial backpack bag leaving the shoulders of the girl is not suitable for this style.



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