Wedding Tips

Hairstyles and accessories wedding: Trends 2017

Do not count only the clothes and wedding dresses for the wedding but also the hairstyle to use to be beautiful and show off a princess look the most beautiful day of their lives. simple and delicate looks, hairstyles or elaborate and fascinating? Many have the advice of a stylist to look beautiful and show off hair to be envied. A hairstyle very fashionable for next spring for those with medium length hair is the torchon that twists and twisted lengths of ste same as in elaborate knots and stopped with clips and hairpins for example decorated with rhinestones, beads or fresh flowers.

Instead of torchon you might use a very simple look suitable for soap and water beauties with smooth folds or slightly moving tips and a wreath of flowers on her neck. Another very popular style in the walkways is the use of earrings and jewelry depriving themselves of the traditional veil of tulle or lace, in its place, light creations but also bulky to wear to the lobes. Finally, another trend has been the minimal chic, which is the short cut, just below the ear, as in jaunty fashion wear with dark tints and shades clear, gentle waves and maybe bangs to frame the face of the bride as a masterpiece precious beauty. The main rule is to be itself also in the same look without snaturalizzare your being and your essence in a different style from yours.

trendy accessories to match your wedding dress

Plan the wedding, the guests, make restaurant reservations and secure the menu as well as wedding favors is a big job, but even more so is to find the right wedding dress for your wedding, accessories, makeup and hairstyle more appropriate. If you have already chosen your wedding dress can certainly not neglecting the fashion accessories to wear to show off a unique and original look! The bouquet is in fact not only to wear but also on the wrist like a bracelet to show off after the ceremony, abandoned the original bouquet. Another very trendy item to wear on the neck is the crown or tiara to wear as jewelry to make the most stylish hairstyle.(But you know where you can buy those fabrics first-class, affordable wedding dress?)

Another idea chic to wear because of fundamental importance is the bridal veil. Currently the most chosen and purchased by brides from around the world are the classic models with drapes or models with satin details around contours and points of light, the length? All! From the longer ones with short or medium length. The fantasy is variable, from a simple veil with no insertion to real lace on tulle printed as hand-painted designs up to rhinestones and beads along the edges of the veil to enhance the beauty. Finally, an inevitable accessory for tradition is certainly Something blue, new and used like a little small springs hidden in her hair, an intimate new outfit or family heirlooms to wear.


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