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An Informal Affair to Remember – Your Casual Wedding Dress Guide

What happens if the bride wants a more informal setup? You can’t wear a floor-length wedding ball gown if you’re having a beach wedding or a garden wedding. Aside from unwanted stains, sand on your train and twigs on your hemline, you’re going to have a hard time walking around in an incredibly formal wedding dress when outdoors.

The right solution to this wardrobe problem is to wear a casual wedding dress Australia.

What Is It?

Casual wedding dresses encompass virtually every kind of informal wedding dress on the market. Beach wedding dresses, garden wedding dresses-if it breaks away from tradition and if it’ has a “shorter-than-floor-length” hemline, then you can be sure it’s casual.

Why We Love It

If you plan on having a beach wedding or a garden wedding, you need a wedding dress that doesn’t impede your movement, especially if you plan on mingling and doing a whole lot of dancing during the reception. Short and sweet casual wedding dresses will not only make you look stylish and chic, these dresses will also make you feel comfortable enough to tango or cha-cha-cha your way around the dance floor.

Another fabulous advantage of the casual wedding dress is that you can wear these dresses more than once. Instead of having to pack away your wedding dress, never to be taken out again, you can wear these dresses to other informal or semi-formal affairs you attend in the future.

These dresses combine aesthetics with functionality. Wear it on a date with your new husband, or have your baby christened while showing off your stylish and practical side with your incredible casual wedding dress. Whichever way you put it, the casual wedding dress is a perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe. Every time you wear your casual wedding dress, you will remember one of the most memorable days of your life.

Where to Look

What we also love about this dress is that you can purchase a casual wedding dress virtually anywhere. You don’t need to go to the nearest bridal boutique just to find a great casual wedding dress. Any white dress that fits you well and shows off your glorious figure to perfection can be worn as your perfect casual wedding dress.

If you’re a bride who’s looking for a splash of color, then any colored dress that complements your wedding color theme is an excellent alternative to the formal, white floor-length gown.

You can look online for excellent selections of various casual dress collections made by different designers and bridal wear providers.


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