Wedding Tips

A cheap wedding … which does not look “cheap”!

The bill for a grandiose wedding can swell as fast as our dreams of Cinderella. However, it is possible to save on this “best day of our lives”, without this leaving a aftertaste of Dollarama.

To make a cheap wedding, you must accept the idea of a more friendly and informal day, according to Vanessa Noël, wedding planner at Hera Mariages. “You can get over $ 15,000 if you reduce the number of guests to fifty,” she says. A marriage of a hundred people will turn around around $ 20 to $ 25,000!
The organization
Low season: From May to October, the wedding season is in full swing. Choosing a date in low season and getting married on a Friday or Sunday will decrease the cost of renting the room.

Moving away from major centers: prices are generally more affordable outside Montreal and Quebec City. Why not an escapade in the region or in an orchard?
Food and alcohol
Food: To offer a buffet will satisfy the guests as well as a meal of three or four services, especially if you offer a dessert table!
Alcohol: The ideal is to be able to bring your own alcohol, which only requires a license of about forty dollars. “Offering one or two self-service cocktails with the image of the bride and groom is more personalized and economical,” says Vanessa Noël. Meanwhile, young professional Sara Maude Tsahakis opted for the bar open at her wedding, but only for wine and beer, in order to save on strong alcohol.
Do it yourself: With a little creativity and dexterity, we can easily take inspiration from sites like Etsy and Pinterest to make our own decorations, announcements and gifts to guests (eg, compotes, salted caramels, flavored oils ).
Flowers: “Choose seasonal flowers and decrease the amount per centerpiece. Otherwise it can cost $ 20 to $ 25 per stem, especially for large flowers like peonies, “says Vanessa Noël.
Borrow from his entourage: “A loved one may have a beautiful vintage car and would be very happy to drive you. You can borrow the cake spatula or the cushion for the wedding rings. It may be less important to have new and personalized for that, “illustrates Amélie Marcotte-Losier, of Weddings Amelie.
Clothing and accessories

Buy Used: Internet abounds with resale sites of dresses, accessories and wedding decorations, such as Tradesy and the Facebook page in Quebec Bazar Mariage. Buying the sample from a dress can represent a real bargain.
Resend: “Unless you have a great sentimental attachment to the dress, you must sell it right away, while it is still in the store. I resold mine for half the price paid, including retouching, “says Sara Maude Tsahakis.
The photograph
Warning ! In the opinion of wedding planners, paying a professional photographer is worth a lot. “With an amateur, we can be disappointed with the result, while the photos will stay over time,” says Amélie Marotte-Losier, who is approaching her 100th wedding this year.

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