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clio make-up, expecting a girl, wearing her first wedding dress: look

clio make-up he wore his first wedding dress. the famous youtuber in anticipation of a silly little girl is married since 2008. but when he said yes to the husband, claudio has not displayed the classic white dress.

clio make-up on the social public a shot in which radiant, wearing his first wedding dress. the future mother chose a princess dress which makes it even more radiant.

Photo from: formal dresses online Australia
so many followers that daily, the follow on instagram, says: “my first wedding dress. when i got married to claudius in new york in 2008 i was not wearing a wedding dress. but… when i fixed the set of atelier emé for shooting happy bride, in a moment of pause, i couldn’t help it, and i tried this dress dream… what do you say? ” .

clio make-up dressed bride like the fans: “beautiful,” written in so many. ” you look great, and you can also see it in your eyes, “the comment of one fan.” you’re wonderful! and the pregnancy, it makes you more radiant than usual. “do not know to clio another followers.

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