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The singer Katy Perry parade Sunday in a pretty evening dress, signed Jean-Paul Gaultier, during the evening Vanity Fair on the sidelines of the Oscars 2017. But her outfit has cracked on the buttocks, and a photo proves it leaked on the Web.

 It was not a bare back. The very sexy and bronze-colored Jean-Paul Gaultier-dress that singer Katy Perry wore for the Vanity Fair evening, on the sidelines of the Oscars on Sunday 26, dazzled more than one. Her long thin, tapered legs protruded very well in this outfit. But from behind, there was something else that came out … Indeed, a misplaced slot allowed to catch a small part of the buttocks of the young woman, come with her companion and actor Orlando Bloom.

It’s a behind-the-scenes photo as she watched the broadcast of the Oscars with James Corden (British comedian and comedian) who revealed the other side of the scenery. The story does not say whether the young woman’s posterior made the dress crack because too much bulging or if the outfit was already too small before she put it on.

Katy Perry has already talked about her recently, at another ceremony, both for her tackle to Britney Spears, but also (already) for her dress that has not convinced the Net surfers. It was during the Grammy Awards 2017, rewarding the musical performances of last year.
While she was being questioned on the edge of the red carpet about Britney Spears’ transparent dress, Katy Perry referred to the dark past of Toxic’s interpreter, assuring her that she had not “yet shaved head”. Fans of Britney have seen red on social networks, arguing in particular that with her disco silver top and gray feather skirt (not everyone’s taste obviously), Katy Perry had no lesson to give.

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