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Facebook serves a lot of things, including finding lost wedding dresses. Tess Newall has indeed managed to regain the dress of her great-great-grandmother by publishing a simple message on the famous social network. Morality, the next time you lose your car keys, you know what else you have to do.

Tess is about twenty years old and lives in London. Passionate about fashion, she has become self-employed to offer her services as stylists. A life full, in short.

Our beautiful Brit has been in a couple for a while and her boyfriend recently asked for a wedding. She has accepted.

Tess married in the dress of her great-great-grandmother

Tess is not the first woman in her family to be interested in fashion and styling. In 1870, her great-great-grandmother had actually designed her own wedding dress, a dress that has passed centuries and generations without ever losing its superb.

The bride wanted to pay tribute to the work of this woman and she decided to get married in her dress after making some adjustments to the bustier.

So she took it to her wedding last summer and everything went very well. Although determined to keep the dress for her own daughters and granddaughters, Tess then dropped it off at the dry cleaner to clean it. Given the age and history of the dress, she obviously did not deposit it in the local laundry and so she called on a reputable specialist.

Lack of luck, the specialist in question has filed for bankruptcy in the stride and the dress was lost.

The pressing has filed for bankruptcy, the dress has been lost
Tess has tried everything to find her, but her multiple attempts have ended in so many failures. For want of a better one, she decided to rely on Internet users and so she published her story on Facebook.

She was well inspired to do so. Affected by its history, Internet users have indeed massively shared its publication. Over 48,000 responses were received and more than 300,000 were shared, with more than 40,000 comments.

The owner of the place where the pressing was installed finally got wind of the story. After searching the place from top to bottom, he found a bunch of laces dragging in a corner. He contacted Tess and Tess’s father went to examine the room.

It was indeed the lost dress. The story does not end there however, because a representative of Wylie & Bisset (the chain to which the pressing belonged) appeared to … recover the dress. He told Tess that she had to go through the chain office for legal reasons before being sent back to the bride.

Let’s just hope that the dress will not get lost along the way.


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